meet alivia

the walkway to the beach
We are spending a week at the beautiful Watersound Beach in Florida with my family. My brother's almost 3-year-old daughter, Alivia, is loving her first beach trip since she was 10 months old.

this sums up her sweet personality perfectly


moving in

Well, since my last post, we moved in to our house & began the long process of unpacking. But before we were completely moved in, we crossed paths with this guy:

Oh yes, we killed an almost six-foot-long snake in the front yard. I went to turn on the water hose, only to look down & see this guy stretched out underneath my hand. I screamed, Gentry came to the rescue & we dominated the snake.


i'm loving this

I think it's only fair to start this post with a picture of my cute little niece, Ivey. You may remember that I took some photos of her two days after she was born. She finally has gotten some precious, chubby little arms and legs :)

sweet little girl

Now that I've shown you her recent photo, would you like to see the most recent photo of our kitchen?

I knew you would :) 


delays are not always a bad thing

Well, it is July 11 & if you would have asked me back in May if we would be in our new house by now, I would have said, "Definitely." Yet here I am, writing this post from G's parents house right before I go over to our house to paint cabinets. 

We began this "updating" process with a relatively simple list of things to do before we moved in...as time went on, we got more creative & the list got much longer. The new additions have turned out really well & I think they will make a big difference. All this to say, our kitchen is going to be fabulous & I can hardly wait to reveal the finished product! 

Here is a look at what we have been up to:

small fix
The front porch light was itsy bitsy & very old, so we decided to buy a new one at Lowe's on sale.



Well, I narrowed the search down to a few paint options from the Sherwin Williams website. 

Now to decide....


living room color dilema

Our goal is to move into our new home this weekend! With the fourth of July a few days away, we have a long weekend and plenty of time to get the house ready. 

Because of the holiday, many stores are having sales and discounts, making it a good time for us to purchase paint for our living room. 

Oh happy day!