Hadley {3-6 months}

In keeping with my previous post documenting each week of Hadley's first 3 months of life, here are the weekly photos from 3-6 months.

week 13 {3 months}
week 14
week 15
week 16
week 17 {4 months}
week 18
week 19
week 20
week 21 {5 months}
week 22
week 23
week 24 {first Christmas}
week 25 {first zoo trip}
week 26 {6 months}

Hadley Anne {6 months}

It is so hard to believe that it has already been 6 months since Hadley entered the world! I have tried taking photos of her each month with my nice camera to document her changes. Here are several that I took yesterday on her half birthday.


The Wingo Family

My older sister Lindsey & her family moved from Memphis to Apex, North Carolina a couple of months ago, & we were able to travel down to see them over Thanksgiving. We had a great time with family & I was even able to take a few new family photos of them while we were there. They are the most beautiful family, & I'm so happy for their new life in Apex!

Outside of their new church


Hadley {0-3 Months}

This post is simply to document in photos the first 3 months of Hadley's life. She changes every day, & I want to remember every little minute! :)

day 2
day 3
day 4
week 1
week 2 {1st day at church}
week 3 {1st beach trip}
week 4
week 5 {1 month}
week 6
week 7
week 8
week 9 {2 months}
week 10 {1st Memphis trip}
week 11
week 12
week 13 {3 months}

This girl has stolen our hearts!!