Nursery Paint Color Options

Here are the fabrics I have picked out for the nursery! I've included links to the fabrics from the website where I found them for anyone interested.

1, 2, 3, 4

I haven't decided which fabrics I'll be using for what, but I am happy to have a general direction for the nursery! I'm hoping to paint the nursery this weekend & need some help on which paint color to use.

The current color in the room is a medium khaki, & it makes the room seem very dark. I would like to do a lighter color, & have found a few good options from Sherwin Williams.

Option #1: Brooklet 


Option #2: Green Glaze


Option #3: Pearl Onion


Option #4: Faraway Blue


These colors may look completely different on the actual paint swatches, which I plan to see tomorrow. Anyone have a favorite? :)

Happy weekend!