Louisville happenings

New city, new house & lots of changes. 

We are about a week away from moving in to our new place, & I decided it was about time I update everyone on our progress. 

The floors have been stripped, stained & glossed, & now we are waiting on them to fully dry before we can move everything in. Gentry & his parents did all the dirty work while I stayed in Jackson to do hair & make up for a dear friend's wedding. (I think I got the better end of the deal) 
right foot on the original floors, left on the sanded


the greek life

G & I just returned to Tennessee after a two week vacation in Greece & Italy...I know, I know, it sounds amazing right? Well it was & I thought it would be appropriate to share a few pictures of our time in Greece. 

I have always loved the color combination of blue & white. My nursery was light blue & white when I was a baby & my bedroom in high school was ice blue with white bedding. The color combination makes me feel completely relaxed & at home. Needless to say, the white houses dotting the hillsides of Greece captivated me during our trip. The majority boasted doors, window frames, shutters & railings in various shades of blues, mirroring the gorgeous Aegean Sea surrounding them. The longer we spent roaming the streets of the quaint islands we visited, the more inspiration I got for our future home. 


This island was our first stop during our week-long Mediterranean cruise. As soon as I stepped off the boat