Nusery So Far

Sweet friends in Memphis threw us a baby shower over Mother's Day weekend. We came home with so many gifts, including the mattress for the crib! Once we got home & unloaded everything, the nursery began coming together. Last weekend we picked up a mattress for the trundle bed at Sam's Club. Today I got two lamps at TJ Maxx Home Goods here in Louisville. I am loving how Hadley's little room is coming along!

We chose Valspar's sweet slumber for the wall color. I still need to finish painting the trim, but we ran out of paint. :)

We painted the trundle bed Valspar's spearmint haze. Gentry bought a paint sprayer to work with the air compressor he got for Christmas. It worked amazingly!

The crib is a Jenny Lind crib from Target. My parents got it for us & surprised us by having it delivered to our house. I haven't decided what to do for a crib skirt yet, but I'm still thinking of making one with some fabrics that I like.

My parents bought me this bookshelf from the Pottery Barn outlet when we first moved to Memphis back in 2005. We plan on putting the changing pad on top of it.

I love both of these lamps!

My sweet friend Adrienne painted this beautiful watercolor "H" for Hadley. I cannot get over how amazing it is!

She has gotten some precious little outfits so far, & these don't even include all the onesies & other cute things I have stored under the trundle!

This is the bedding I used in college from Pottery Barn. It was my older sister's idea to use it for the trundle, & I'm so glad we did!

The other wall of the nursery is a big closet. We are going to take the old doors down & spray paint them with a fresh coat of white. We did this in our bedroom & it made a huge difference!

 This is everything so far! It is so fun seeing it all come together!



Garden Time

Last year we planted our very first garden & loved it! This year we got a little bit of a late start due to being out of town, but it actually may be better anyways since it has been so wet lately. 

Today we made it out to our plant lady's house to buy a few starter plants from her.

She has three large green houses. One with flowers, one with other landscaping plants, and one with vegetables. 

We spent $24 & got 30 starter plants.

sweet & hot peppers
yellow squash & zucchini

We also picked up a lot of seed at Home Depot while we were there for a few other projects.

All together we are planting:


yellow squash
sweet peppers
hot peppers

green peas
blue lake green beans
poblano peppers
yellow squash

Gentry tilling up the garden

We plan on getting our starters in the ground & our seeds in the trays this weekend. I'm hoping to be able to can more this fall, & try making some baby food to put up for Hadley.

More to come on that process!