hearth room

One of my favorite rooms in our future home is the hearth room off of the kitchen. Right now it is also very brown, but with a lot of paint & a few other touches, I think it has some great potential.

Current Room:


our future home

G & I will be moving to Louisville, Ky this summer so he can attend Southern Seminary. We are going to be renting/remodeling this little 1970s-style home & we are so excited!! I don't have quality pictures of the inside yet, but I will just tell you there is a LOT of brown...especially in the kitchen area. Brown paneling on the walls, brown tile, brown cabinets, brown window panes, brown brick, brown shelves...the list goes on. We plan on keeping you guys up to date on the remodeling process via this blog, so stay tuned! For now, here is the new place!



in honor of tomorrow being friday

Today was one of those days with lots of things on the to-do list & little time to actually sit & enjoy the beautiful weather. All day I was looking forward to a moment of calm. I'm so thankful for the fun dinner outside with friends tonight in celebration of the close of the semester. Now all I have on the agenda is to finish up an oil painting for one of my friends & enjoy time with G when he gets home. I love when a hectic day has a happy ending :)

Here are a few things that make me excited for the beautiful summer days ahead.

via Pink Wallpaper


wednesday eye candy

Just wanted to share a post that makes me crave a good antique store and an endless supply of funds. This post, by Willow Decor, is a beautiful example of a neutral pallet with pops of fun colors. I pretty much love everything about these rooms!

via Willow Decor


the civil wars

Some time ago, The Civil Wars visited our small campus in Jackson, Tenn. & became the favorite new band of many students. I will admit that I am one of those students who has fallen under their spell. I love the lyrics of the songs John Paul White & Joy Williams have written together. This particular song is one of my favorites & the video is beautiful.


ivey elizabeth wingo

On Tuesday, April 26, my older sister Lindsey gave birth to a beautiful little girl: Ivey Elizabeth Wingo. The day was spent with lots of family, smiles, pictures & a few tears. Lindsey was blessed with a great pregnancy & delivery, & now she & her husband Ryan are blessed with a beautiful daughter. Here are a few photos to enjoy of the little miss on her second day home from the hospital. 

Lindsey is such a wonderful & beautiful mother.